Floyd Mayweather defeats Marcos Madiana in style

The present champion of the welterweight category Floyd Mayweather is on the top of his game. He put up a great performance against Marcos Maidana in the last match up. He remained aggressive from the very beginning of the match. The punches were good enough to shake up his opponent from the very beginning. The agility and the strength of the player were in full display. He landed up punches after punches.The highlight of the match was the biting controversy. Mayweather shouted that he was bit by Maidana in the middle of the match. The dominating force of Mayweather took a toll on his opponent as he became desperate for standing up to him. The referees were notified by Mayweather but it remained a controversial decision. It was a close fight but the points were constantly going in favor of the champion.
After the controversy Maidana could not find his composure. He was outrun and outsmarted by his opponent. Although he put up a good fight but could not come around it. The crowd enjoyed every bit of the match. All of them were vocal in their support for their respective superstars. While Mayweather was able to use the positive energy in his favor while his opponent failed to the same. In the end Mayweather came out on top of him. Mayweather seemed to be an even more compact player in the game. His defensive game has also improved by leaps and bounds. One can be ensured of some even better performances in the near future. Mayweather won by 117 to 110 points in the end. The judges gave an unanimous decision much to the delight of the crowd. It was a packed house and every person present got his money’s worth due to the competitive spirit of the match.