Karate kid staked his foot on his car keys

This is the crucial moment for karate kid Bartek Turek, who is left with his car key stuck deep in the foot following a rare accident. 18 year old Turek was working on his self defense stances when he was flipped back on the floor. The keys of his car that was tucked in his pocket fell and the teen slammed on the unturned point’s top before landing.

But interestingly, Bartek Turek did not scream in pain. He just moaned when he realizes what has happened. Turek from Illinois, United States, was taken to a medical care facility where the doctors took 7 hours to remove the keys.

His left foot’s x – ray plate shows that his car key was lodged in the sole. He was very lucky that it did not cause any damage to the nerves of the bones. Even though Bartek Turek is fine now, but he have to use crutches for some time.

While speaking to a leading United Kingdom based tabloid, he told that his foot slammed it before it fell over. The chances were one in a million. The x – ray reports revealed that the keys did not harm any nerves or fracture a bone.

The accident’s video reveals that the keys hanging before he hit the base. Before the accident, he and his partner was joking and laughing. The accident was more unfortunate that it was Turek’s last day at the club.