Manny Pacquiao And His Feats Being Remembered

Most of Manny Pacquiao’s fans are remembering this day when he had one of his greatest fights in 2009.

The retired fighter is still not out of the rings yet as there is more demanded from him. He has been a legendary fighter in his own right. On May 2nd at 2009, in a fight that had taken place in the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Manny Pacquiao fought with a valiant blow that is remembered by his fans even to this day. It helped to knock out Ricky Hatton, his opponent in the second round. Pacquiao himself felt that the fight had been an easy one. As his opponent was in a vulnerable moment, Manny pounced in with a right hook which took him by surprise. Hatton was taken in with the shot, but he also admitted that it had been a good shot.

It might be coincidence that fans are remembering some of Manny’s good shots at a time when he has moved to retirement. There is more being demanded from him and his partner, Mayweather Jr, a rematch of the fight that was held in 2015. The fight left a lot to be desired and hence, fans definitely want a rematch to happen to ensure that the winner wins a fair fight. For the last eight months both fighters have retired from the ring. Mayweather retired as a winner while Pacquiao has been suffering from a shoulder injury. The last fight had happened last May and resulted in Mayweather winning. However, it was later revealed that Pacquiao was not in full form for the match. He had been nursing a weak shoulder during the fight. After these details fans of both fighters want a rematch, a chance to see their veteran fighters back in the ring and to witness a championship fight.