Manny Pacquiao And Mayweather Headed For A Rematch?

Manny Pacquiao has been getting a visitor to his gym who is none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr. this trip has ignited talks of a rematch happening between the two.

It surely has got the rumor mills turning and many are looking forward to seeing a rematch happen soon. For those who are avid fans of these fighters, Floyd had fought Manny on May 2nd in 2015. It was a fight in the welterweight category. After that, many are wondering what has initiated a visit by Floyd to the gym of Manny’s.

The sporting event that had taken place between the two fighters is considered to be one of the greatest. Having a rematch scheduled between these two fighters is something that many are looking forward to. However, Mayweather is retired now. His trainer is Freddie Roach. Mayweather retired unbeaten at 49-0. Roach owns a gym called the Wild Card Boxing Club. Located in Hollywood, this place made news when Floyd dropped in one day.

It is stated that Roach and Mayweather had a pleasant chat without raising the question of a rematch. Both champions have retired after playing in multi divisions. Roach stated that it was unusual that Mayweather had stopped by the gym. The first time he met Roach while the second time he came by to watch sparring sessions. Roach and Mayweather go way back. He had known Mayweather since the time he was a child. Pacquiao had even had a speed bag with Mayweather’s face painted on to punch through during training hours. However, Manny did not do so out of respect for his opponent. Mayweather has a home in Hollywood now and he stops by at the gym, which could be a sign that he is hoping to sign up as it is the only gym he knows.