Manny Pacquiao Vs Jeff Horn Rematch In Limbo

The proposed rematch of JEFF Horn with the legend of boxing Manny Pacquiao, which was about to take place in November, in Brisbane is in danger now.

The camp of Horn in Brisbane is still interested in fighting but may want to extend the date until next year; the information was given by the Bob Arum, the Top Rank boss who spoke to the Daily Telegraph in Las Vegas.

Promoter of Horn, Dean Lonergan furiously reacted on the entire matter.

He said, “He is having second thoughts on the match is pissing me off. If he again carries on, then my advice is to forget about him and move on.

“The venues for the match have already been booked and in no situation, it can be cancelled.”

The venue for 12 November has been booked by the organizer, however, as of now Arum is planning to leave Las Vegas for the Philippines and get a definite answer from Horn.

Arum said “A lot of it is about senatorial duties of and Horn is not a young child anymore. As far as the fit is concerned, then it is a physical fight and maybe Horn feels like he requires some more time to get ready for the match.”

“Whatever happens to Jeff we will make a title defense in November opposite a top welterweight in Brisbane.

“Jeff is young and we have certain obligations to him to keep him active and have him earn money.

“If Manny is not there, then you adjust prices and book smaller venue.”

This was said by in an issued statement.

“Two weeks before Manny Pacquiao confirmed this to Bob Arum that he wanted to use his option to rematch with Jeff Horn for the championship of WBO world welterweight”.