Mayweather will not risk unbeaten record against Manny Pacquiao, says Roach

With a mere four fights remaining in his illustrious career, legendary trainer Freddie Roach doesn’t see World Boxing Organization or the WBO Welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. risking a fight against Manny Pacquiao.

And according to Roach, it is not because the undefeated American is afraid of the Filipino Bomber – he has categorically denied that kind of notion – but because there is one thing of greater importance to him and that is to finish his long career unbeaten.

Roach stated that the fight looked close two years back and might even have happened had the fighters come to a compromise regarding their demands, but now, he doesn’t think Mayweather Jr. will want to take that chance.
The legendary trainer stated that the main concern for Floyd now is to maintain that zero in his record and he believes the American won’t take the chance with Manny Pacquiao knowing he can put a blemish on it before he retires next year.

It is likely that Mayweather Jr. will fight one more fight after his May date this year, probably in September before another probably May and September date after which he has said he will retire.

Freddie Roach said that it has nothing to do with him being afraid of Pacquiao, adding no fighter is afraid of any other fighter in the world. But he believes Floyd thinks he will be seen a greater fighter compared to such legends as Sugar ray Robinson if he finished his career unbeaten.

Manny Pacquiao recently defeated Timothy Bradley to claim the World Boxing Council or WBO Welterweight Championship once again and he is on a high at the moment but if he hopes of securing a match against Mayweather Jr. then he will have to be disappointed, according to Roach, who knows the sport inside out.