Rhodes Claims Being Better To Goldust

Rarely the boxing ring find two brothers pitted against one another and the affair gets all the more steamy when one publicly claims to be better than another sibling. Top American wrestling champ Cody Rhodes, who would be seen fighting against brother Goldust, has recently claimed of being a better fighter to Goldie.
“When it comes to my professional wrestling career with my older brother, I feel I am a better fighter to him- and he too feels that he is better to me. We do love each other dearly & we are brothers & that is great. But on top of everything you would definitely would prefer to seek out who is right. I am hopeful that you would like to see the match too”, said the younger Runnels while claiming his heightened stature over the older brother.
Both the Runnels brothers are on a strong attempt to fight for title hunt & their fans spread worldwide are eagerly waiting to see whether the brothers would as fierce against one another as they are with the other opponents. Cody is soon to encounter his older sibling at WrestleMania.
When the last time the two brothers were seen fighting each other during Royal Rumble, the crowd went just berserk and the fans are expecting the same frenzy this time as well.
While asked on teaming with elder brother, the 28-year-old American MMA star confessed that they were never alike in regards to nature and personality. “It’s really funny: the Bridgeport show featuring me & Goldie tagging together- it’s wonderful but it’s true that we never ever intended on getting tagged together. We don’t really get with one another. Goldie is someone everybody likes & I was the jerk of the family”, Cody added in.