Almost all of the boxing promoters in the world fought hard for years so that the female exponents of the sport would be treated on an equal level with the men and for its inclusion in to the Olympic Games.

The fruition of which was reached when it was decided that women boxers will be able to participate in the London Olympic Games of 2012. It was recognition of the growing popularity of the sport among women and the increasing number of talented female boxers.

However, there already appears a glitch in the recognition of the sport as an Olympic Sport and this comes due to the problem of television spectators who find it difficult to differentiate between male boxers and their female counterparts.

This has been stated as the official reason as to why the Amateur International Boxing Association is considering asking female boxers to wear skirts as they step in to the ring.

The AIBA also held a meeting last week on the issue but no decision has been reached as yet. It is debatable whether skirts would be made mandatory or optional but this surely comes as a blow for female boxers and boxing in general. One other option would be to differentiate their Boxing Gloves.

For years and years, female boxers have fought inside the ring and outside so that they are given the same kind of respect and opportunities as is given to their male counterparts but it seems that it is still a farfetched dream. Many are even of the opinion that television is merely a diversion and the AIBA is trying to promote female boxing in the cheap way, by sexing it up.

Some of the national coaches who are in favor of skirts consider it to be elegant and womanly, but whatever be the reason, boxing has found itself embroiled in another controversy.